Review Policy 

REALLY SORRY GUYS , I’LL BE ON A SMALL HIATUS (What with college and stuff :/ ) . I’LL BE BACK SOON . Sorry for being kinda inactive lately , exams were on 😥  . I’ll still be posting when I have time. 

Okaaay,  so I normally plan to do reviews of *all genres*  🙂

If you’re the author/publisher of a particular book and want me to review it, first off congratulations on making it sooo far!!

Feel free to message me a digital copy of the book at I accept pdf, epub and mobi files.

If I accept to read the book , I’ll send a mail confirming my acceptance (to only  READ it , I’ll post the review based on whether it got me hooked and whether I liked it or not as elaborated in the paragraph below. I kinda get a lot of requests nowadays *dunno why* so please be patient if you haven’t got a mail yet as I undertake to read a lot books for review every week. )

I’ll finish the review pretty soon if it’s wildly interesting  (from the time I start reading that is. I take time to start each book as I have a roster of copies to review. Please please be patient for the review 🙂

And I’ll post the review and rating immediately (after the aforementioned time period ^ that is)  on my blog ONLY if I liked it (i.e. If my rating is more than or equal to  2.5/5)

I’ll always be respectful in my reviews 🙂

I will also give the book a rating on GoodReads (If I liked it a lot )

So what are ya waiting for? 🙂

Let the games begin!